Snarfs see all as food.
Go! Eat before you’re eaten.
Grow bigger. Get good.

What has two enormous eyes, an even bigger mouth and an insatiable appetite? Well … that’s YOU when you play SNARF!, the hilarious new 3D action game from minMOG.

The best part? Besides romping around a wild arena and chomping a bunch of crazed Snarfs and Imps as they try to do the same to you … the best part is that you already know how to play. If you’ve got opposable thumbs, this fresh casual game was made for you! One thumb to move, one thumb to jump.

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SNARF! is super easy to play. Pick a thumb ... any thumb. Got it?

OK, that thumb moves your Snarf. Wanna jump? Just tap with your other thumb.

Learn how to play in the new & improved SNARFOLOGY 101.

Master your Snarfing skills in THE PLAYPEN!

Feeling brave? Drop into the TOROID OF TERROR and see many Snarfs you can eat before they knock you into the lava!

Toroid of Terror
The Playpen

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